Letter 5 The Flower in the Rocks

There is a parable in the bible that talks about sowing seeds in the right places. It mentions a few different types of scenarios where seeds are sown in different environments and how that affects their growth. Everyone always hails the seeds that grow in the good soil, but the one that always amazed me was the one that grew up out of the rocks. In my mind I always see a plucky little flower rising up out of the ground on the side of a mountain covered in rocks. How did it do that? How does it survive? It leaches on to everything, every little morsel of nutrients it can and it stays alive. It sounds like it is strong, but if you think about it, that is the weakest of them all. It grovels, it strains itself for every little bit it can find. I think some people are like that, and I have been like that, too. Not because I grew up in a poor environment, but because I decided to take root in the wrong place. I sought out people, places, and things that were very unhealthy for me and tried to make it work. I grasped, I struggled, I faltered, and fell. My petals shone as far as the eye could see, but no one bothered to tend to me. Why? Because I chose the wrong place to sprout, the wrong people to invest in. I think the lesson is one to teach us about where we put our energies, who we decide to open up to and invest in. If you sow in rocks, rocks you will reap, and maybe the occasional small grass or wildflower. But in a farming sense, why would you bother with the plucky grass or the cute wildflower? Yeah, they may be impressive to look at, but they will not give you anything of substance in return. Maybe for a moment or two you may enjoy their beauty or tenacity, but you can’t sell them for much. They can’t satisfy your hunger, or help keep you warm. They may be nice little trophies for a daydream, but they will not pay the bills nor sustain you. It is better to look for places and pieces of substance, and areas where you can grow, prosper, and FLOURISH! The most important thing to remember is that you are not a tree, if you don’t like where you are MOVE! I think that is the only thing lost in this analogy. We are people and we can move about. Even if we find ourselves rooted in a bad place, we are NOT plants or seeds. We can get up and invest in better circumstances.


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