Weird dream (what one isn’t?)

I woke up a few minutes ago. My heart was racing. Why? I dreamt of battling demons again. I was taking care of my mom. At some house. Maybe it was ours, but it looked different. It reminded me a little of our old house that I grew up in. It was late and I think I was trying to confront my mom about seeing the doctor about her health, about her memory. The tv turned on and it was small like on a little metal rollie cart. The tv was on and an image of Donald Trump popped up like he was on the news. The tv took his voice and his words and used them to create a message if it’s own. It would advance itself foward at times just to be heard. The tv was in a dark bedroom. I don’t know what the message was, but I felt the thing was possessed. I knew I needed to confront it. To get the demon out of it. My spirit felt the best thing to do was to rebuke it and not cast the demon out. I don’t know why. Maybe because there were other people around? So I stood there trembling and scared and I spoke to it and told it what it could and could not do. But my fear got the best of me and I could no longer speak to it. So I used sign language for the rest of the time and told it to stop bothering people and stop talking except for some weird circumstances I cannot remember. My grandmother came up behind me, my mom’s mom. She spoke to me and we walked over to my mother. She said she did not realize I could sign and how she kept seeing me use English, but she said it partly in sign herself. She seemed real proud of me. My grandma was wearing an old blue dress with white polka dots with puffed sleeves. She had on a big wooden cross that took up half her chest. It had big walnut sized beads and some smaller ones. The cross part of the necklace looked like someone had taken bits of wood and cleverly put then together in a cross so that it was a foldable piece or atleast had a bit of give in it to move around with you. We looked over at my mom because she coughed and she didn’t look so well. She coughed and a small metal chain with tiny turquoise beads flopped out of a small hole in her chest. She pulled it out link by link to reveal a cross as well made out of metal, like some kind of rosary. My grandma remarked something along the lines of, “well that’s what we do in this family.” She started blabbering on about our family in some capacity, but I am really fuzzy on what it was she was saying.

I am not a tin foil hatter, but ummm.. that was really sci-fi..


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