Little birdy is flying away letter

As I am up early this morning I found out yesterday that what I thought was true. The girl I have been crushing over is still hung up on her ex. It is worth mentioning that I am with the girl I like and her ex. They are asleep on the bed. Lucky them! I read an article a few days ago about loving in an unattached way. It was a really interesting concept of not really backing away emotionally, but simply not letting labels or your imagination flutter too far away and come up with things that are not there and to allow things to progress naturally. I guess I find this a little difficult given that the girl I am smitten with made the first move on me and I really like her. My knee jerk reaction is to get out my label maker and write out boundaries and relationship labels all around us like an OCD maniac. I was a bit encouraged, though, (perhaps foolheartedly) that there is hope for me. I asked some hard questions to her yesterday and she seemed to want to keep me around, but wasn’t sure she would develop feelings for me and encouraged me not to wait for her. I wrote a little about this girl a few days ago but did not publish the letter. One thing from it has really stuck with me. I encouraged myself through a metaphor to let the caged bird free and see if it comes back to me.


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