Wild nights and peace

The last few months have brought me a whirlwind of in and out relationships. Funny and heart wrenching dating stories. But there has been a surge of positive new friendships, with people who genuinely care about me. Friends I never thought I would have, and at my lowest moments I assured myself these kinds of... Continue Reading →


Thinking of her

I dunno why, but my heart is stuck on her. What do I see in her that I am so enamored with? I feel like she has hidden potential and I hope she has a good heart. I see hints of that from time to time. But there is also distance, and uncertainty with her.... Continue Reading →

Letter 5 The Flower in the Rocks

There is a parable in the bible that talks about sowing seeds in the right places. It mentions a few different types of scenarios where seeds are sown in different environments and how that affects their growth. Everyone always hails the seeds that grow in the good soil, but the one that always amazed me... Continue Reading →

Letter 4

Lord, I thank you for yesterday, or well early this morning. I made it through the storm. I am grateful that I have been given another day. I was thinking this morning about what I was upset about the other day. The story of Jonah and the whale comes to mind. I really do not... Continue Reading →

Letter 3

Lord, I wish you were real. Not that you are fake, but I wish you were really flesh and blood and beside me. How selfish am I that I desire to see you and embrace you? Why is my soul so upset within me? Why do I long for the fleshly things of this earth?... Continue Reading →

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